Frequently Asked Questions

We use Paypal for our checkout.  We figure it's safe, you don't pay any fees and it's well known. If you shop on the internet you probably have a paypal account.  You can therefore use your bank account or credit card or paypal balance to buy your school uniform.  You can also use paypal as a guest and use your credit card. Just click on the paypal icon.

How do I know my order has gone through?
You will get an email almost immediately from the shop confirming that the order has been received.  This email is automatic so if you don't receive it please call me on 0417 688 924 or email me on and I will check the order has been received.

How long will my parcel take?
We recommend that you allow 10-15  business days.  We try and turn orders around quickly however some stock does have to come from Sydney to us and then be posted to you and Australia Post is being a bit slower lately.

How do I select the Zippy Bathurst Collection Option
The option for Zippy Collection ($3.50) is available on the last page of the checkout process. Please have faith and keep going on through the checkout and there will be a choice of shipping options and you can select Zippy.  The Shipping Cost will then automatically correct.  Sorry it is so deep into the process - I am working with the software people to try and correct this. 

How does Zippy Bathurst Collection Option Work?
Zippy Clothing Alterations is a shop at 242 Keppel Street Bathurst. We have partnered with Zippy as a collection point.  Complete your order as usual and select Zippy Collection on the last page of the checkout.  I will send an SMS when your order is ready to collect at Zippy.  Please print your invoice  (which comes in the confirmation email) and take that to Zippy.  Ian and the team at Zippy will ask for your invoice number and your surname in order to identify your parcel. 

Out of Stocks
There are popular times for new school uniforms.  Sometimes we might run out of stock.  If this happens we will notify you within one business day.  If we cannot re-order the item we will give you an immediate refund.  If we can re-order we will give you the choice of waiting a few more days or having a refund.

If you are out of stock on the website do you have more stock coming
Probably – send me an email or give me a call and I will let you know asap.

Do I really need to register and get another password?
Well no, you can checkout as a guest.  If you are coming back another time (and we hope that you do) you may find it useful to register so you can save yourself a bit of hassle and a few minutes next time.

What is Melange?
The boy’s long trousers are Melange.  What is that I hear you ask?  I wondered too.  Basically it is not the same fabric that the summer shorts are made of - it is a thicker, shinier winter material.  Most of the Catholic Primaries require Melange pants.  You may like to check with your school.  Let me know if you find anything different and I can list it next to your school’s details.

Will you stock something if we ask you to?
Maybe!  Never hurts to ask.  Send me an email to

Do you do special orders?
Sometimes, again never hurts to ask.  Send me an email to

I emailed you and you haven't replied.   Why not?
Sometimes I will have just missed your email and might take a few hours or even overnight  - to get back to you. 

Why do the prices vary for some items?
I like to pass on to you any savings that I can.  For some items, the wholesale price increases as the size of the shirt increases.  (I guess it's as simple as more material equals more cost). I thought the fairest way to price items was to reflect this increasing wholesale price in my retail price.  Makes it a bit confusing I know - however it does mean fairer pricing.  For the brands which don't have different prices my retail prices remain the same.

I have a discount voucher code how do I use it?
Sometimes I can offer discount voucher codes.  You enter the code in the checkout section, you require a security key as well.  The security key is the number below the security key box.  It is just one of those funny computer things.  If you are having any dramas send me an email at or give me a call on 0417 688 924.