How many school uniforms do I need?

Posted by dressed for school on 9th Jan 2018

This is my 13th year of doing school uniform juggle  - I've still got 7 years to go.  Plenty of Mums do this longer than I.  I've made mistakes along the way and I've picked up plenty of tips too.  I'll share some of them here in this blog. 

School uniforms are expensive - and the costs do add up.  How many of everything you buy really depends on how often you wash and how messy your child gets (or how high your tolerance is for rewearing). 

You can get away with just two uniforms– one on the child, one in the wash for tomorrow. This is cheap - but it does open you up to the odd crazy morning ie the baby throws up on the kindy kid and the other uniform is already rolling around in the washing machine... wet!  Aaahhh motherhood! 

If you are working full time or have a crazy busy week and washing is just a pleasure saved for weekends then it's good to have a week’s worth plus one spare. It's always nice to have an extra hanging in the wardrobe when you have a busy weekend. 

My smallest child has been the lucky recipient of hand me downs and so on top of his new shirts he at one stage had a 10 shirt wardrobe... while this is excessive it made for a few easier days when my world went crazy - at least he had a uniform ready for tomorrow!

Every Mum has a different formula. What works for you?