COVID19 & School Uniforms

COVID19 & School Uniforms

Posted by Dressed for School on 24th Apr 2020

How's the COVID ISO going at your house?  

 For me one of the most annoying things suggested was that kids need to wear their school uniform for home learning.  My non existent ironing basket is one of the joys of the whole COVID crisis.  I am not giving that up for any learning theory.  

I have adored my lazy Sundays - I throw an easy single load of washing on, I sort it into piles as it comes off the washing line and that's it!  Don't need to iron if you ain't leaving the house.  I don't have to shop for school snacks, iron school shirts, encourage children to pack for tomorrow, sign diaries, check assignments.... I just chill.  I think I love ISO Sundays.

I have decided not to delve to deeply into why my washing pile is so much smaller, I trust that it is just the combination of no school uniforms, no soccer uniform, no soccer training clothes, no basketball training clothes, no basketball uniform, no PE clothes, no after school before bed clothes and no  jumper I wore for 20 minutes yesterday so you had better wash it now x 4! It couldn't be that the teenager rarely changes clothes because ... why bother - could it? 

One day again I'll get a thrill from reaching the bottom of the ironing basket, from seeing the shirts neatly in the cupboard, the bags by the door.  But for now it's a bit of a treat at least in my laundry.

Keep safe, enjoy the little things - be those children or memories.