About Us

Dressed for School is run by a busy family just like yours.

Life is a juggling act when you have kids.  Little brothers and sisters do not enjoy uniform shopping and 'popping in' to the shops after school never works out well it seems.  Working long hours means school uniform shopping is not easy.

There must be a better way I thought, so I googled!  I couldn't find the uniform basics that I was after so .... here I am! 

Many of the schools have their own uniform shop supplying the unique parts of their uniform such as ties, sports clothes, jumpers, socks etc.  I keep my prices low by stocking the generic part of the uniform; the shirts and pants and socks. 

Welcome to Dressed for School.  Let me know what you think.  I hope that I can achieve my goal of helping you and your family access competitively priced, quality school wear from the comfort of your own home.